Essay on Gay Marriage

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The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue. If we are discriminating against gay marriage then we are not the true land of the free. I believe men and women should be able to love freely and not be shamed by it. Marriage is a great factor in the United States. To some people it’s what we live for; is to get married and start a family. To not give everyone the same opportunity to have a happy marriage and family is unlike us. This problem is bringing a lot of hate, the same hate that was used in racial discrimination, so why not give homosexuals equal rights like everyone else. Andrew Sullivan wrote an …show more content…
He had people calling him cruel names and of course he denied it because he didn’t want words come into action. I even had people tell me cruel things about my brother. My family and I didn’t find out until December of 2011 that he was gay. You would think it would have been more of shock but it wasn’t. We kind of had a feeling that he was. It made are family closer in a way. My brother does want to get married some day. When he does he hopes he can get married in the state where he group up in California (Horton). To add on the hurt same-sex marriage and straight marriage do not have the same rights. Same-sex couples are denied equal access to civil marriage. If same-sex couples enter a civil union they are denied equal access to all the benefits, rights, and privileges provided by federal law to married couples. Being denied to all these rights they should have may harm people who also experienced discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, and religion. The APA (American Psychological Association) believes it is unfair to discriminate and deny same-sex couples legal access to civil marriage and all of the benefits, rights and privileges. (Wikipedia) Also marriage provides both physical and psychological health benefits and banning gay marriage increases rates of psychological disorders. The American Journal of Public Health found that after their states had banned gay marriage they had a 37% increase in mood disorders, a 42%

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