Future Energy Resources: Hydropower Essays

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Future Energy Resources: hydropower

Hydropower is a renewable energy source that transforms the kinetic energy in running water into usable electricity. The energy generated from hydropower plants can be used to power homes, businesses and factories. Globally the use of hydropower has increased rapidly between the years 2003 and 2009, and has continued to increase from 2009 to 2010. By 2010 use of hydropower reached a record of 3427 terawatt -hours and about 16.1% of global electricity. This is 5% more than in 2009.(1) By 2012 it stood at 156.31 MTOE (Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent) in North America, 190.81 MTOE in europe and 289.02 MTOE in Asia. Hydropower use has an above average annual increase of 4.3% . China responsible for all of
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Sunlight heats water in oceans, rivers and stream and it evaporates into the air. The cold air in the sky causes the water to condense into clouds and when the particles in the clouds collide they grow until they fall out of the upper atmosphere layers as precipitation. Some falls as hail snow or sleet that can build up on mountains and glaciers where it can accumulate for up to thousands of years, however most of the water falls into the ocean or the ground as rain this is called surface runoff. Part of the runoff enters streams that flow towards the ocean but much of this soaks into the ground as The groundwater that plants and animals use to drink. The water eventually ends up back in the ocean and continues the cycle.(3) Hydropower plants need the current and water flow as well as the bodies of water this cycle provides. Hydropower runs off of the electricity that comes from running water. In order to have this energy you need a stream or river with some form of a current. how much energy you can generate from the water depends on how far the water drops and how much water is in the system.(4) There are three parts of a hydropower plant, an electric plant where the electricity is produced and converted, a dam that can be opened or closed to control water flow, and a reservoir where water is stored. The water stored in a reservoir flows through the intake, a gate like structure that controls the flow of water. From here it flows into

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