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The Rastafarian religion is unique in having few set beliefs to follow or doctrines to live by. Its African origins teach unity and love among all. There is no unified Rasta church, but it does however hold certain philosophies sacred and a number of principles true. People who believe that Selassie is divine or of divine nature are called Rastafarians. The religion is about justice and freedom of the Black race. It was born from the pains of oppression (Erskine, pg 161, 1998). The messages speaks of freedom from physical and mental slaveries of all kinds. The Rasta philosophy opposes violence, and practices a more peaceful means of resistance. The first evidence of Rastafarians in Jamaica date
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It is not only their God, but it is everything in this world. Jah can be seen in every person and every object. The idea of knowing God on a different level fascinates me. I think it is interesting to look at objects for more then what they appear to be.

Generally the message the Rasta’s believe in speaks of equality and consists of the six holy truths.

The six holy truths are:

-Black people are the descendants and of the early Israelites and have been exiled to Jamaica by the White man

-Haile Selassie is the living God

-The White person is inferior to the Black person

-Ethiopia is heaven while Babylon is hell

-Their God will arrange for their repatriation to Ethiopia

-In the future Blacks will rule the world (Barret, pg 104, 1988).

There is a notion in the six holy truths that tells of the Black man truly being the Reincarnation of the ancient Israelites. This stems from the belief in a holy people coming from oppression. Black slaves always felt a relation to the enslaved Hebrews of the past. Rastafarians think of themselves to have been the ancient Hebrews who were exiled in Babylon. Rasta’s think translators distorted the Bible long ago, so Blacks wouldn’t know their true relationship with God. Many things in the Bible have changed from the original version, which is why the bible must be read with great care. Rasta’s question the ideas that Europeans had left out in

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