Forestry Dependency from Aboriginals Essay

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When discoursing about how the people and the environment go hand in hand, where trifling disagreements are at hand, it should be assumed to achieve that that state equality plays a major factor in making that claim. For it is a way to have a fair and justifiable course of action to take, as it is the utmost and practical means of achieving Environmental Justice, as furthered explained in this quote,
Environmental justice [is] the fair treatment of all races, cultures, incomes, and educational levels with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies. Fair treatment implies that no population of people should be forced to shoulder a disproportionate share of the negative
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So it is to say these individuals should be viewed an appropriate group to talk about. Whereas the issues dealing with forestry, where the forest sector provides vast multitude of social, cultural, economic and environmental significance that depend on the forests of Canada, as such for the people of Canada. As to the link between first nations people and forestry are that for many of Canadian aboriginal people, the forests are their place to live, it provides them food(hunting), means of income, and both a ceremonial and sacred place; which has been like that for centuries. Thus, when environmental issues come into play at the worst- case scenario the Canadian aboriginals who rely on the forestry lose the means for survival. Therefore, after much research on the environmental issues of the forestry dealing with New Brunswick, it is to say the dependency of forestry by non-aboriginals have lead to aboriginals being unjustifiable affected, which can be furthered viewed by how Canadian aboriginals voices have become silent because of their small status, as well as the immense power the forestry sector holds, and the significant importance of forestry to the people of the aboriginals. The forestry sector as stated above is by far one of the largest industries and as well as the use of it provides one of the highest traded commodity goods by in Canada. To that point it is not just that the country of Canada is the only party being affected by the

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