Food Insecurity in the USA Essay

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The United States Department of Agriculture defines food unsecurity as the availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food, or the ability to acquire such food, is limited or uncertain for a household. Food insecurity also does not always mean that the household has nothing to eat. More simply stated it is the struggle to provide nutritional food for ones family and/or self. The people that suffer from food insecurity are not all living below the poverty line. In 2012 49.0 million people were considered food insecure in the United States of those 46.5 million were in poverty (Hunger & Poverty Statistics, 2012). For some individual’s food insecurity is only a temporary situation for others it maybe for extended period. Food …show more content…
Food insecurity additionally adds to feelings of stress and anxiety for adults and children alike. According to Feed America, in 2012 children accounted for 15.9 million of the food insecure in the United States (Hunger & Poverty Statistics, 2012). In these families, parents will do the best they can to feed their children, even if it means not eating or stealing. The children in these families are well aware of the lack of food and the need to stretch what resources they have available (Fram, Frongillo, Jones, Williams, Deloach, and Blake, 2011). Food insecurity in the United States might not be as prevalent as in other nations but nonetheless it is here and the numbers are increasing (Hungry in America, 2009). Food insecurity in America seems to be the skeleton in the pantry more than in the closet!
School-age Children and Food Insecurity
Food insecurity at any age can cause adverse effect on ones life, especially for children. By focusing on those of school age, one can begin to understand the unique struggle children face. Children that continually go hungry often have poor health, behavioral and emotional problems, and difficulties in socializing with peers (Hunger and Food Insecurity, 2011). The effects can be long lasting and extend throughout their lifetime. Children that lack proper nutrition have increased school absences and may have delayed development. In an effort to help, the establishment of several programs helps these

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