Essay on Food As Medicine

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Medicine is always considered as the safest method to cure diseases. By the development of technology, more chemicals are added into medicine to make the medicine more effective. Using food as medicine is going to be paid more attention than before. Some of components in the medicine do harmful to human body. Public is lack of information about what nutrients in the food can be used to fight against disease. On the other hand, argument about choosing food as medicine or not should be thought more throughly. Furthermore, it is related to family education. Since, everybody on this world always gets information from their family first. In the family, elder parents usually teach their young children about their experience. Those …show more content…
Scientist collects the urine of patient who take pills with the phthalate coat for a long period time. Then they find quite quantity of phthalate breakdown products. It is easily to infer that phthalate may influence the function of excretory system especially the kidneys. Notwithstanding phthalate is widely used in producing medicine, no companies have ever warned the pregnant women or children should prohibit those medicine when that try to take in. Since phthalate can efficiently affect these group of people’s bodies. People choose to take medicine to treat the disease, the irony is they are taking the poison as well. There is no doubt that medicine can cure disease in some ways, but the human bodies can also be damaged by absorbing the harmful components in it. Medicine cannot always be considered as the safest treatment of disease. People should know about this point. Through the result of my surveys, I find public is lack of this kind of information. Most of people can tell that medicine does some bad things to body as they take them. Yet, they cannot recognize the name of those harmful materials which is listed in the instruction of medicine. This shows that people should get more educated about taking medicine safely. This can connect to my next point of my essay. As I said before, most people learn daily skills from their parents or their other family members. Since then the accuracy of what parents

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