Essay about Family Relations in The Metamorphisis

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Family Relations it The Metamorphisis

In The Metamorphosis Gregors new state both scares and angers his father eventually resulting in Gregors death.
Gregors father has been long free from working to support the family and this burden has now been restored by
Gregors metamorphosis.

Mr. Samsa’s dependency on Gregor is shown in his first appearance in the book were he immediately seems furious that gregor has so little as missed a train. In an incredible display of hypocrisy he says “ He’s not well, sir, believe me, what else would make him miss a train!”
This shows the beginning of the end for Gregor. Gregor is late for only one day of work and his father reacts as if he has done something terribly wrong. As
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Robert M. Goldenson PH.D.. state that “ Ordinarily situations that arouse anger pass over quickly, but if they do not, and the responses persist for a long period, they may produce psychosomatic symptoms.” This is likely what occurred in Mr. Samsa’s case. The more time he had to think about Gregor not bringing in any money but only taking up a room caused him to see Gregor as a pest or infestation. John T. Wood says that “Anger and fear are two of the most powerful forces that drive men and other animals.” This is shown when the unreasonable Mr.
Samsa attacked Gregor with a barrage of apples which later caused Gregors death. It’s apparent that Gregors father was waiting for any excuse to be violent with him by his haste in looking for Gregor when he enters the house. “It was clear to Gregor that his father had taken the worst interpretation of Grete’s all too brief statement and was assuming that Gregor had been guilty of some violent act.”

This was the final piece of evidence of Mr. Samsa’s building anger and fear of his son. Even worse was his lack of sorrow when Gregor was found dead. “Now thanks be to God.” was his comment upon his arrival in Gregors room showing that his death was both anticipated and welcome by his father.


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