Facebook: Personal Information Essay example

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Don’t bother introducing yourself anymore. That information is already on the Internet. Your Facebook profile says it all when it displays your friends, pictures, interests, and basic information in one convenient spot. This online platform tells viewers any information they would ask for upon meeting you: your name, your school, your interests, and more. As Facebook grows more popular, more people will have access to your profile and will be able to see any of the personal information that you choose to post. Even if Facebook fails, another social networking site will rise afterwards, probably prompting you for even more information. What is the point of gathering all of this information in one place, and how does it benefit the viewer? …show more content…
We will start by defining the important related terms, like social networking site and surveillance. We will then observe which demographics are on Facebook and consider how these demographics affect what information most users seek. Finally, I will suggest why certain groups could be interested in viewing other people’s profiles, specifically parents and friends.
Before discussing what happens on social networking sites like Facebook, we should first arrive at a definition of social networking site. The prevailing definition of social networking sites is that they are any site that allows a user to create a profile, communicate with their friends, and view these friends’ and their own connections (Boyd and Ellison). These connections usually provide links to the user’s profile (Boyd and Ellison). As a result of having this ability, people on the websites both watch others by viewing their profiles and are watched when they view the user’s profile (Trottier). This has led to a shift in views about privacy and a wider acceptance of surveillance and Facebook stalking. Daniel Trottier, a postdoctoral fellow at Uppsala University in Sweden, defines surveillance as the action of secretly and continuously collecting information about a person or a group. Because it is now so easy to get this information and people enjoy getting information about others, profile viewing is a very common occurrence. Next, we will discuss the demographics of Facebook users and proceed to use

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