Exploring Why Japan lost to the Allies in World War 2 Essay

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Exploring Why Japan lost to the Allies in World War 2

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The aim of this IB essay is to investigate and determine how Japan was defeated by the Allies in World War 2. Information was gathered from some internet sources, extracts from magazines and text books.

This essay explores the argument of why Japan lost the War to the Allies. Also the main argument is whether or not the atomic bomb was used justly and whether Japan would’ve surrendered anyway.

The conclusion draws the arguments together and finally states the reasons of the surrender of Japan in order of importance and that the Atomic bomb usage was not justified.

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Japan had a lower output of military equipment. Also after the battle of Midway, during the two years after, USA built 90 aircraft carriers whereas Japan made only 7.

Japan didn’t have many resources at the time so they relied on conquered territories for vital raw materials. But as they retreated, they lost these raw materials. One of these conquered territories was the Dutch Indies. As they lost this, Japan was cut from 80 percent of its oil supplies. The loss of these raw materials such as oil was a crippling blow to Japan since without adequate petrol supplies its armed forces were less and less effective. This again led to the fact that USA built more industrial weapons than Japan.

Also I believe that the Japanese over-committed themselves by fighting on too many fronts. We can see this as only one division of 1,156,000 men fought on five fronts. Now the fronts that this division fought on were hardly a threat to Japan, so it was a waste of time and a waste of life. This also showed that the Japanese were overworked and in this way, the troops were tired when they fought some of the major battles such as Midway. They would also have been wondering that is this right fighting the war for our emperor. However this was a minority compared to those that would kill themselves for emperor.

Most of the soldiers in the Japanese soldiers had been brought up

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