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Non-stick frying pans are one of the most common kitchen utensils today. Frying pan is mostly used for cooking. The non stick frying pans are made of two components, the metal body and the Non Stick layer. Actually the surface of the non stick frying pan is coated with a layer of oil or fat when the pan is in use. The layer of oil has four functions: it lubricates the surface; increases contact between the food and the pan; acts as a thermal mass to reduce the cooking time; and can be increases

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The food doesn't stick to surface; can uses little to no oils, butter or lard, good for low-fat cooking, easy to clean up, good for eggs, pancakes, omelette and other adhesive products.
- For some cooking with non stick frying pan is inappropriate because the residue of browning, and then later will go to the next step, for example to a pan sauce. Even if there is no residue can stick to the pan, the sauce can fail because of the lack of the primary flavoring agent.
- Non-stick frying pans can be used above about 465°F/240°C,. At higher temperatures non-stick coatings decompose and give off toxic fumes.
- Have to replace the non stick layer if coating is scratched as surface could flake into food.

Radiation in Industry
The use of radiation in industry is usual. Radiation is to improve food production in the agricultural industry. It can bring out new and better types of plants. Radiation can also used to control insect population. When cooking egg using the non-stick frying pan, the non-stick frying pan has been treated with gamma rays and the thickness of the eggshell was measured that containing radioactive material before going into the egg carton. Thin, breakable eggs were screened out.
The substance that found in the non stick frying pan was discovered almost of all the part
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