Exploring the Life and Possible Motives of Serial Killer, Aileen Wuornos

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Bodies Piling Up In early December 1989, while scavenging for scrap metal along a dirt road close to the Volusia County Florida section of Interstate 75, two young men stumbled upon a body with severely decomposed hands wrapped in a rubber backed carpet runner. The victim had been shot 3 times with a 22. Because of the sever decomposition of the victims hands it would take some time to identify the victim as Richard Malloy, an electronic repairman who had gone missing 13 days prior.
Because the murder of Richard Malloy seemed to everyone to be a random criminal act, it came as a surprise to many when another male body, also shot several times was found in a wooded area of Citrus County, Fl not far from where Malloy’s body had been
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Finally, after analyzing all of the evidence and witness testimony, the one theory worth pursuing was that they were dealing with a team of female serial killers. Binegar felt that in order to stop the murders he needed to get help from the press and by mid December 1990 leads spanning across Florida from Homosassa Springs to Ocala to Tampa came pouring in- all of them about two specific women identified as “Tyria Moore” and “Lee”. One lead in particular caught the attention of the task force, leading the investigation to Daytona.
Detectives near Daytona had been tracking the movements of two women for about three and a half months. These women had been identified as Tyria Moore and Lee Blahovec. They had been staying in a room off and on that was rented under the name Cammie Marsh Greene. Although an initial computer check of the three names came back fairly clean, authorities became suspicious when Green’s name had come back as having recently pawned items. A check with local pawn stores found that several items belonging to the victims had been pawned by Greene. Even better news was that a partial thumbprint had been left on a receipt. The print was matched with a warrant for a Lori Grody and also matched partial prints left at one of the crime scenes. After sending this information to the National Crime Information Center, responses were soon received from Michigan, Colorado and Florida databases. The prints belonged to Lori Grody, Susan

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