Evaluation of Healthyplace.org's OCD Testing Essay

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A psychological test is an objective and standardized measure of an individual’s mental and/or behavioral characteristics. A useful psychological test must be both valid and reliable. Due to the rapid spread of internet access the conversion from face-to-face administered assessments to online has become the innovative method of administration. Since it is a new process of administrating tests the validity and reliability of the online websites that provide the assessments have not been established. I selected the website HealthyPlace.com to complete an assessment on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and discourse my standpoint on its validity and reliability. I completed three Obsessive Compulsive Disorder assessments that were provided on …show more content…
It also provides a mental health social network, a weekly live mental health TV show, breaking mental health news, online psychological tests, and more. According to HealthyPlace.com in America in any given six months one in five, between 30 million and 45 million people, writhe from symptoms that source distress in their lives. HealthyPlace.com is intended to accurately inform the people taking the assessments to make the suitable choice. However, HealthyPlace.com is perpetual in its emphasis that the assessment results are not diagnosis and only a doctor or qualified mental health professional can make a diagnosis and recommend treatments. The personnel that maintain the writing of health articles and content on the website are clearly stated to not be doctors, therapists, or medical professionals of any type, but mere journalists. However, the articles are reviewed for medical-mental health accuracy by their Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft.
Dr. Harry A. Croft, a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, is board certified in Addiction Medicine and Sex Therapy, Adult Psychiatry, and has remained in private practice for more than 30 years, in San Antonio, Texas. He is also a Medical Director and Principal Investigator for the San Antonio Psychiatric Research Center, where, for 25 years, he has contributed in the advancement of psychiatric suppositories that are

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