Essay Essential Roles of the HITECH Systems Analysis and Design

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In the United States, major emphasis has emerged in providing the most effective and efficient medicine available as mandated by the HITECH legislature enacted in 2009, especially in patient populations that suffer with chronic diseases; therefore, increasing the accountability and economic restraints for healthcare entities (Shah, Hux, Laupacis, Zinman, & Cauch-Dudek, 2007) (Safran, et al., 2007). The American healthcare system has become increasingly fragmented, prospectively from the overuse of high cost medical care, underuse of evidence-based care, and the misuse of care, which limit the effectiveness of healthcare (Brennan, et al., 2009). The HITECH act proposes a solution in healthcare by eliminating the use of disparate …show more content…
The concept of systems embodies “system-environment boundary, input, output, process, state, hierarchy, goal-directedness, and information” (Heylighen & Joslyn, 1992).
Systems Analysis and Design

Therefore, in the discipline of technology, the term system refers to implementing a method to minimize issues associated with workflow processes. Essentially, incorporating a collection of modules that work in a collaborative manner and for a common purpose in essence defines the term system, according to Margaret Rouse. The SDLC is the fundamental process of constructing a system and is composed of four phases, which are illustrated in Figure 1: the SDLC. Most importantly, the SDLC is a technique utilized as a blueprint for a systemic approach that produces deliverables in a project. Secondly, the SDLC is gradual refinement process that refines and elaborates on the work completed in the previous phase. The system analysis phase of the SDLC principal objective is to examine the existing system, identify improvement opportunities, and develop a new concept for the proposed system. In addition, this phase is composed of three parts, which include the: Analysis strategy Requirements gathering System proposal
The analysis strategy is a process of developing a guide to direct

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