Essay Enterprise Resource Planning Concerns and Risks

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Enterprise Resource Planning Concerns and Risks
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help to eliminate the fragmentation within an organization by integrating the organizations’ management business processes, both internally and externally (Elmuti & Topaloglu, 2013; Stefanou, & Revanoglou, 2006; Tan and Payton, 2010). As a CIO of a 170 bed hospital the use of health management information systems (HMIS), such as ERP, is becoming a requirement. ERP systems help to reduce costs by streamlining the many departments within the hospital, such as the supply chain management, customer relationship management, accounting and payroll, and marketing.
Analysis of ERP concept and interaction ERP is meant to interact with every management
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Since the healthcare facilities are expanding to create a continuum of care the ERP system can utilize information about patients to create individualized marketing plans, give reminders, and allow easy access to information that is needed most.
Concerns with ERP
One of the most debated concerns of an ERP system is the idea of having private information on a multitude of platforms. Two other concerns are the financial costs and the complexities of the issues that are involved (Elmuti & Topaloglu, 2013). With any organization that has a system that is accessible from the outside, there will be concerns with the safety of the information that is stored. As ERP systems continue to be improved, the protection of the information that is stored within is also being improved. The security systems throughout the healthcare field are being upgraded and monitored consistently. This is due to of the trend to have information be more accessible to the patients. The financial cost associated with any HMIS project will be large, as development, implementation, and training for the new system requires large amounts of time. However, with an in-depth strategy of implementation then the associated risks should be minimized as there should be plans for many situations as they arise. Lastly, the complexity of the system increases as there are

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