Energy Resources Essay

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Petroleum is a fossil fuel along with others such coal. Petroleum is also a non renewable resource. (, 2013). A liquid mixture of hydrocarbons. Petroleum is a kind of oil that is found under the surface of the earth. (THE NEED PROJECT, 2001)
Petroleum is formed when plants and animals die and settle on the bottom of the ocean and sink thousands of feet under the oceans bottom. Petroleum is also formed from hydrocarbons and other certain substances primarily sulphur. Petroleum in its natural form is called crude oil it can be all different colors such as black clear or green and can be thin like gas or thick like tar. (An Introduction to, 2013). They are covered in silt and sand over thousands of time. (THE NEED PROJECT,
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(How oil refining, 2013). The first step is called separation, where they separate oil from the hydrocarbons. (Refining process, 2013). Then, there is conversion, which is when they take oil and the hydrocarbon and turn them into gasoline and things we use oil for every day. (Refining process, 2013). Now, there is treatment, they treat the gasoline so we can use it safely. (Refining process, 2013). Finally, there is storage of the petroleum, they put it into barrels and put it away until we need it. (Refining process, 2013).
Gasoline could average about $3.70 per gallon. (The perpetual politics, 2011). Obama has started to back down on drilling oil a little bit in the past few years. (The perpetual politics, 2011). If we keep drilling oil the produce will get less and less every year. (The perpetual politics, 2011). With gas prices surging to about $4 a gallon in some places. (The perpetual politics, 2011)
Oil is the lifeblood of the modern world. They say we don’t know if we have a lot of petroleum that we have not found. Cambridge Energy Research Associate predicted that 3.74 trillion barrels of oil remained in the Earth in 2006. The oil amount will peak between now and 2018. (When will we, 2013)
The climate for wind power has to be very windy so the wind turbines will turn. (Wind power, 2012). To start to turn the turbines the wind has to have hot and cold to mix together to turn the turbines. (Wind power, 2012). The warmer parts of the atmosphere turn the

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