Effects of Carbon Dioxide Essay

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Carbon dioxide is a gas at standard temperature and pressure.It is a crucial trace gas consisting of 397 ppm of the atmosphere on a molar basis (Petty 2004).There are many sources of production of carbon dioxide.For example, combustion of coals or hydrocarbons,from volcanic eruptions and places where carbonate rocks are located in the thin Earth’s crust.Other sources are the deep seas, commingled with oil and gas deposits.Large amounts of CO2 are released from electricity generation and industrial processes.Coal and natural gas fueled electricity generation in 2011 accounted for 80% and 19% of CO2 emissions in the U.S. electricity sector.Concentration of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere rapidly increased in the 21st century,at a
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C + H2O → CO + H2
The mixture will react with steam again to form carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
CO + H2O → CO2 + H2
CO2 released is captured and H2 produced is used as clean fuel. After CO2 has been captured , it will be transported to a storage site through several ways .Some examples are pipelines, boats, railways or trucks. Pipeline transportation is the cheapest form of transport and hence is more widely used. (Parfomak 2008) Captured CO2 is stored in sites such as deep saline aquifers , coal layers and geological reservoirs or transferred to expended oil production fields(Raymond 2013)

Points Of View There are a few good effects of Carbon Capture and Storage.CCS plays a crucial role in reducing the emission of carbon dioxide gas (Wilcox 2012) . 90% of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere can be

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