Essay about Education: Why are Children Exhibiting Strange Behaviors?

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As educators, we ask ourselves why children are exhibiting strange behavior and what can I do help lead and guide children into appropriate behavior. There are many risk factors that can impact a child’s behavior. As educators and parents our goal is to encourage positive behavior that allows the child to thrive and be a success in learning. In this paper, I am going to discuss risk factors that influence behavior and strategies that teachers can use to help the child regain control over their behavior. Challenging behavior risk factors have been arranged into two categories biological and environmental.
A biological risk factor is defined,” as anything that impacts a child from the time the child was conceived and until birth, and begins
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If parents stay involved in the child’s life and education, this supports the child’s achievement throughout his or her life. As educators, we make mistakes just like the families in our programs do. Our goal is to build a positive and significant relationship with the parents and provide opportunities to get the parents involved in every aspect of their child’s life. Communication is a key essential to know why as educators we do things a certain way, and also get to know why the family does certain things. The whole issue is that we need to respect and be sensitive to the families feeling and needs.
The best way to get parents involved is to allow the parents to come into the facility and observe their child. The best way that parents can get involved in the program and to be a part of their child’s life is to become involved in the classroom by reading a story to the children, chaperoning on field trips or activities, or help the teacher with activities or projects that need to be completed in the classroom.
The second problem that contributes to challenging behavior is poverty. As an educator, I cannot change the fact that some children and their families live in poverty. Poverty is a serious problem in society today that causes stress and anxiety on individuals on how they will be able to meet the

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