Education Issues in China Essay

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In China, there are great issues that relate to education. These many problems have been shown in movies, documentaries and sometimes if serious enough put on the news. Out all the issues, the obvious problems show clearly. They are child labour, rural education, and undertrained teachers and that most high schools are exam centred. Child labour is when the children of a family have to work in areas where it is unsuitable for their age. They have to do this in order to earn for their family. The undertrained teachers are a problem found throughout Cultural China. Students are not taught properly and don’t learn as much as they should’ve in the city. The last issue listed is that high schools are exam based. The high schools are just a …show more content…
This is because you need to be qualified or have a degree to become a teacher. As a conclusion to this issue, untrained teachers will lead to uneducated students. If changed, the student will change with them.
The second issue is that most high schools are entirely based on studying for exams. The pressure is extremely high as they study and work from morning to night with only a break. In the film, this is reflected when the students of the class only learn how to copy the text but not actually learn what it means. This issue interests me because we all know the competitiveness in China as every person wants that scholarship for university. It occurs because of each students’ determination to receive the scholarship. The main scholarship that everyone goes for is the GaoKao which is a test which increases your chance dramatically to enter university. The issue currently has been recorded by a person called Rob Schmitz. He stated that any students that base their work only for exams will lose creativity and imagination. There are ways to improve this situation. A solution that is working now is to increase entrance rates to scholarships such as GaoKao. According to the BBC Documentary (Chinese Schools), the entrance rates have increased from four percent to fifty percent. In Australia, there is no situation that relates to this issue. There is no exam oriented study in Australia. The closest sort of education is that all

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