Essay on Drug Use in Sports

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Substance Use in Sports

Illegal substance use in sports is something that is a very new, recent, and controversial. In the last couple years many football players of all ages and other athletes have died due to use of certain substances, mainly ephedrine. Another issue that arises from this topic is the use of steroids in the major league baseball association. Players in the MLBA may not all admit to using steroids but since the league doesn’t test for any substances many players use the drug. These players also use many other supplements that are not looked upon as illegal but do alter and help how they play. This brings upon the question of how the MLBA should deal with their stance on drug testing. Many recent articles have
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Steroids clearly have been affecting the sport of baseball in the last couple years. Many records have been shattered and new plateaus are being reached all the time. To clearly show how steroids can improve ones ability Ken Caminiti along with Brady Anderson had outstanding seasons in 1996 and since then have been nobodies. “In 1996 Caminiti won the MVP award for the first time, he finished with a career high of 40 homeruns, 130 runs batted in, and a .326 batting average. Before this season he had never hit more than 26 homeruns or drove in more than 96 RBI’s” (G-Sports Online). “Brady Anderson never admitted to using steroids but in the same year hit 50 homeruns, had 110 RBI’s, and a .297 batting average. Prior to that year he never had more than 21 homeruns or 80 RBI’s” (G-Sports Online). This clearly shows that an admitted steroid users’ statistics went up dramatically in very short time and an un admitted but suspected users’ statistics as well increased. No one ever hears of Ken Caminiti anymore because he is out of baseball due to injuries, probably caused by his vast amount of steroid use. For players like Brady and Ken to use steroids and surpass achievements of those who stay away form the drug is unfair. These two players didn’t break any records but recently some records have been

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