Drones are the Future Essay

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Drones are the Future One of the latest and most controversial topics that has risen over the past five to ten years is whether or not drones should be used as a means of war, surveillance, and delivery systems. Common misconceptions usually lead to people’s opposition to the use of drones; which is the reason it is important for people to know the facts about how and why they are used. Wartime capabilities will provide for less casualties and more effective strikes. New delivery and surveillance systems in Africa, the United Air Emirates and the United States will cut costs and increase efficiency across the board. Rules and regulations on drones may be difficult to enforce, but will not be impossible to achieve. The use of drones as …show more content…
It is often believed that drone pilots adopt a “push-button,” video game mentality toward killing. However, the decision to execute a drone strike is similar to that of the decision to execute an air strike from a manned aircraft. In almost all cases, targets for strikes are surveyed for days if not weeks. Data is collected by some of the highest resolution cameras in the world which can capture images from high altitudes and speeds. Then, after compiling the data of expected damages and effectiveness of the strike, an assessment is made on the expected result and the legality of the action being taken. Also, there are nearly 200 highly trained professionals involved in the decision to conduct a strike or not. Arguments often arise that the “push-button” mentality is used with drone warfare, and is the reason that these strikes should only be carried out by manned aircrafts. The simple explanation is that a manned aircraft is firing from the same altitude as a drone, but with less accuracy and a higher likelihood to cause collateral damage than a drone is all that is used in rebuttal. The same method that involves drone surveillance is put into manned aircraft strikes, with the exception that the less accurate manned aircraft carries out the strike (Anderson). When talking about drone use in warfare, a video game mentality is not the description that can be used; however, a more accurate description would be that of precision and effectiveness.

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