Essay about Does Science Drive People Away From Religion?

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DOES SCIENCE MAKE PEOPLE ASIDE FROM RELIGION? Science does drive people away from their religion because it provides elucidations and makes people analyze what religion obligates to believe. People have to accept what the religion says with no opportunity to question it. Besides, science approves what religion does not, for example clonation, heliocentrism and the origin of life; also, the morning-after pill which was developed by the science and the religion is dissident about it. The bunch of proofs that science has supplied, has put humanity in doubt and has unbalanced the belief of the origins of life. Religion and science have always been seen as two different fields. Some people are inclined towards religion while others opt for …show more content…
These 7 days are found in Genesis’ part of the bible. Christian creationism manifests that since the creation of life forms, they did not evolve and stayed just as they were.
Scientific creationism has evidence such as fossils, genetics, along with others, to verify Earth’s history. Most scientists have the mentality of “If I can feel it, then it is right” unlike the Christians. There are many scientific theories about creationism, but I will refer to a specific one called Primordial Soup by Aleksandr Oparin, which is the most accepted theory. According to science, Earth at the beginning had volcanic eruptions, asteroids and radiations from the sun (Hadean Eon). The gradual cooling determined vapor condensation and the formation of a primitive ocean that covered much of the planet (Archean Eon). Thanks to radiations and electric charges, certain gases from the atmosphere mixed and created molecules that became more complex through time. Methane, water, hydrogen and ammoniac made the chain of molecules mentioned before and created amino acids which developed bacteria that were capable of making the photosynthesis (Proterozoic Eon). Bacteria liberated oxygen that was trapped in rocks rich in iron and when the rocks oxidized, oxygen was delivered to the atmosphere in huge quantities making ozone, which protected beings from UV

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