Do You Believe in Miracles? Essay

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1980 was a strange time of the United States of America. The previous 10 years included the installment of the 26th amendment, Anti War protests and women’s liberation; the Watergate scandal, NASA stopped sending man to the moon and the death of Elvis Presley. America had its 200th birthday, there was a gas crisis, and you could now play a game call “Pong” right in your very living room. In a country with such a rich and storied tradition of being the best, this time period might have been one of the lowest times in our history, especially with the Cold War going on. We did not have that faith in our government that we always had had. That was, until a group of scrappy college kids and a no-nonsense coach, made us all believe. As the …show more content…
But as the Soviets were starting to be a worldwide force, they also started becoming a force in the athletics area, too. They built huge sports camps for kids. The kids would spend summers, even years in these camps away from there parents, just to become the cream of the crop in their respected sports. As you know, America loves sport, and we pride ourselves on having the best of the best, but as the USSR started up these camps, that feeling of pride left. All of a sudden the Russians were dominating at the Olympics. The Russians were dominating everything. In a true slap to the face, in the 1972 Olympic Gold medal basketball game, The United States (who had never lost in the Olympics in basketball) lost to the Russians 51-50 in one of the most controversial games of all time. Not only did the Soviets, as many Americans felt, cheat us out of Gold, it was at the game we invented. This was just a stepping stone of the huge rivalry we had with the USSR. The sport the Russians dominated the most, though, was the North American game of Ice Hockey. They didn’t just beat teams, they flat out destroyed teams. They hadn’t lost a single hockey game since the 1960 Olympics against the United States (in what some call “the Forgotten Miracle”). They were big, they were fast, and they were scary. They had the best in the world on there team, including their captain, Boris

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