Disparities in Global Health Care Between Poor and Wealthy Nations

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Despite phenomenal improvement in global health care during the last three decade, there is still strong sign that a great disparities exist between poor and wealthy nations. Whereby cases such women are dying of post-partum haemorrhage, children dying of preventable illness such as pneumonia and diarrhoea or someone stepping on land mine in old war zones indicates the harsh reality that less fortunate people have to deal with. Obviously there is no biological reason why a person born in Mozambique should have a shorter life expectancy than a person born in America. Sure, there will always be economic and social difference within countries, but they shouldn't cause disease and suffering at a large-scale. That is completely unnecessary. …show more content…
In order to fast track the economic development. Poor nations are encouraging to take up prescription of economic medicine, which consists of privatization, market-based pricing and free trade. Whilst those are noble schemes, but it had little regard to how social systems and government function in local context. The injection of market principles into public health has transformed it into a private commodity. Consequently, the price of health increases and supply decreases. Therefore, children suffering minor illnesses in remote villages are unable to receive sufficient treatment in time to restore their health. Private health cannot make the necessary interventions at the community level. It is inefficient at prevention, and is also inappropriate in responding with epidemic situations. To efficiently respond to the spread of diseases it requires a strong public health system that is accessible to everyone.

Clearly the world health systems will not automatically gravitate towards greater fairness and efficiency. We need strong commitment from the local government. Effective policy measures are required to create a more fair distribution of health care. Ministry of Health in government need to pay attention to the wider social determine of health. The Minister of Health has to be the advocate for actions across the government. A good

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