Essay on Discovering New Ways of Thinking

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“What evidence is there to prove that new ways of thinking about what is already known leads to new facts?” “What are the justifications that discovering new ways of thinking about known facts is more important?” The two concepts, of discovering new ways of thinking about what is already known and discovering new facts, are correlated as knowledge is derived from both, one leading to another. I agree with claim because in most situations, discoveries by one person tend to be built upon the discoveries of another person and so forth. By discovering new ways of thinking about what is already known, new facts and ideas will start to emerge since a great deal of attention and depth is put into the area of interest; therefore, it reveals …show more content…
A fractal is defined as a rough or fragmented geometric shapes that is exactly similar to a part of itself and they are found easily found in everyday life, namely in cell phone chips and antennas, thus supporting the fact that through new ways of thinking, new discoveries will arise, in this case the development of technology, otherwise cell phone reception would have been very poor. The discovery of fractal geometry serves as an example to this claim as Mandelbrot was able to discover new data by rethinking about what was already known and enhancing it by adding his own knowledge he acquired through reason and perception.
Natural sciences, another area of knowledge, are defined as the study of the universe and its phenomena. In this area, most scientists rethink of past findings in order to set up experiments to make their theories more accurate. Moreover, in theory of knowledge we discussed that through reason, a way of knowing, scientists’ observations are influenced by current theories, both in the experiment process and in the interpretation of the results. Also, Sir William Henry Bragg once said: “The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them”, which validates the claim and the atomic theory that I learned in chemistry this year. First, Dalton proposed the idea with a very

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