Deviance/Social Change In “The Philadelphia Story” Essay

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While watching “The Philadelphia Story”, there were many occasions where deviant behavior can be observed from the characters. Every character’s actions are impacted and labeled by the theories somehow no matter what the deviant act was. Different theories were used to label some of the deviant acts in different ways according to the deviant act they committed. The three examples that I felt were very noticeable to the social deviant theories were: Dexter’s unannounced return and actions for Traci’s wedding, Traci’s behavior the night before the wedding and with Dexter, and Macaulay’s actions the night before Traci’s wedding and snooping around her family. I believe that Dexter’s and Macaulay Connor’s can be connected to the Anomie …show more content…
Their social rules apply to the actions of Dexter the same way they should have been on everyone else. Like Traci, Dexter was born into a family with money, and they have this need that they need to fulfil about protecting their pride and families name. As a man that has intruded into his ex-wife’s wedding, he does show that he may still be holding feelings for her the way they communicate with each other. With knowing Traci is going to get married with another man, he shows how he may be jealous, and wants to reestablish things again with Traci. The way Dexter has been behaving would definitely make Dexter an innovator. I am sure when he was married to Traci at first he had all the goals and means he needed being the boat builder that he was. When they got a divorce, which was highly due to him being an alcoholic, his goals and means must have changed so he can accommodate with them. After the divorce, his new goals may have been to get Traci back as you can see when he comes back into her home a couple days before the wedding. Yes it shocked Traci to see Dexter back for her wedding when she thought he was in South America working. He wanted to achieve the status of getting back with Traci by stopping her wedding with tabloids and just trying to remind her of their past. His goals might be socially approved which were too get the love of his life back. Going with that, his social means to

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