Main Themes In Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

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StreetCar Named Desire is a realist play written by Tennessee Williams in 1947. The play is set in New Orleans after the second world war. StreetCar Named desire can be interpreted in many different ways as it has several themes which are open ended. Some of the main themes in StreetCar Named Desire are the clash between the two world, New America vs. Old America, Conflict between Classes. Much of the story, characters were found in Williams’s drama was mined from the playwright’s own life. Alcoholism, depression, thwarted desire, loneliness, and insanity were all part of Williams’s world. This can be seen the uses of his characters, his favorite setting was southern, with southern characters. In his play StreetCar Named Desire, In Stanley …show more content…
From a feminist's point of view, domestic abuse should not happen at any cost, not to anyone. In scene 10, the climax of the play we see drunk Stanley who has absolutely no control over himself raping Blanche. Even after Blanche tells Stella that Stanley raped him she refuses to believe that Stanley can do such a horrible thing, and she still lives with Stanley as she is dependent on him and has nowhere else to go. Another example of domestic abuse is from Scene three when Stanley gets drunk and slaps Stella. In both of these cases, Stanley is drunks and believes that his actions should be excused as he himself doesn’t realize what he is doing. These actions show us the fact that Stanley uses actions to show the women his irritation, frustration/ anger instead of using words; using violence to show their dominance. These violent actions also show that Tennessee Williams did not take feminist views in consideration prior to writing this play. He preferred focusing on the stereotypical gender roles within society. Again, highlighting that women are not able to run the house alone, are always dependent on men. A feminist would not tolerate domestic abuse at any cost. William Tennessee would have to consider these factors and change this situation for a feminist to read the play and enjoy

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