Deforestation and Biodiversity Essay

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Deforestation and Biodiversity While the loss of forests is clearly visible, a decline in biodiversity has a less apparent effect. The subtle loss of biodiversity fails to indicate the significance that fewer species in the ecosystem increases the fragility of life for all species. Despite the negative effects of deforestation and the consequential decline of biodiversity, trees are cut down for an economic and consumer benefit. Members of society need to determine how much economic cost

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The tree that previously occupied the space preserved a dark area of land within the forest. With the canopy of the tree to provide shade gone, light streams in and causes plants that do better in brighter conditions to force out low light plants that existed there previously. The loss of low light plants leads to a decline in biodiversity. Selective logging can bring about this change as well as the by the work of natural causes, such as storms (Vandermeer and Perfecto, 1995).

Deforestation can directly lead to biodiversity loss when animal species that live in the trees no longer have their habitat, cannot relocate, and therefore become extinct. Deforestation can lead certain tree species to permanently disappear, which affects biodiversity of plant species in an environment. The effect of deforestation can have the largest effect in tropical rainforests. According to the NASA Earth Observatory, half of all 5 to 80 million species live in the rainforests. Rainforests only make up seven percent of Earth’s total land area, making these habitats dense with life. Scientists have only named 1.5 million species in detail but yet about 137 species become extinct daily (Earth Observatory).

Treating biodiversity as important depends on accepting a model that has a counterargument unconcerned about biodiversity. The model that de-emphasizes
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