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Decline of the Green Party The UK Green Party's 15% vote share in the 1989 European Elections was the best result achieved by any Green Party (ever), but whilst Green candidates from countries across Europe were elected, Britain's 'First-past-the-post' voting system denied the UK any Green representation. Under a fully proportional system, the Greens would have returned 12 MEPs.

More than anything else, the continued use of 'First-past-the-post' in elections at all levels has kept the Green Party on the fringe of British politics. Following the outcome of the 1989 elections, even the party's strongest supporters were more
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The squeeze on the Green Party would be greater than ever - they saw their brightest prospects lay in the 1999 European Elections under proportional representation - a firm Labour manifesto commitment. Rather than attempt to field as many candidates as possible as they did in 1992, the Greens contested 95 seats, sufficient to maintain their credibility as a national party and comfortably qualify for a TV Election Broadcast.

Green Party Essay =================

Describe and account for the decline of the Green Party

"Green politics as such is virtually invisible."

`The quote from Dobson accurately sums up the current position of the British Green Party. It would appear that since the remarkable electoral result of June 1989, the British Green Party has declined, not only electorally but also as a serious political movement in Britain. I believe however, that this picture of the British Green Party is misleading. The questions that should be asked are, why did the British Green Party achieve such a remarkable result and why did it fail to build on it's 1989 success? In answering these questions, there are two main areas to focus on: firstly the electoral results of the British Green Party pre- and post-1989 and secondly the structure and ideology (or ideologies) of the party.

`One word sums up the British Green Party's

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