Death and its Personofication in Greek Mythology and Other Cultures

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“The fear of death is deeply embedded in us” (Cave 1). Death is something that everyone fears. As humans we like to believe that we are inhuman and that death will never affect us. It’s the ugly side of life that no one likes to think about. It doesn’t matter what race, culture, or region we are, we’ll all die. Many believe that when we die we go to heaven or hell, but what happens to our body after we are dead? Do we float on to parallel universe, or does our body just appear wherever we are destined to be. The grim reaper is what many of us believe is the carrier between the two worlds and the keeper of our bodies.
The Grim Reaper is known as the personification of death. He comes for every person, like an hourglass hand waiting
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It was Thanatos and Hypnos job to bring him to Lycia. The Greeks viewed him with wings and an extinguished. Mainly, his job was to bring the dead to Hades, the Greek underworld, where he would deliver the souls to Charon, a ferryman on the River Styx. Thanatos is frequently followed by Keres (female death-spirits) who were hounds of Hades and death spirits that would hound the soon to be dead. They were seen as “Dark beings with gnashing teeth and claws and with a thirst for human blood. They would hover over the battlefield and search for dying and wounded men.” (Perseus). On the battle field, they would lower their bodies to the wounded longing to drink their dark blood. Once the Keres found their victim they would sink their claws into them and bring them to Hades after filling their thirst for blood.
Thanatos is dependent to the Moerae, who are three sisters that decided human fate “everybody has a portion in life, the individual fate (moira) is usually present when Thanatos comes to fetch a mortal." (GreekGuide 2). Thanatos can come at any time he wants, but in one case of a wife named Alcestis deiced to die instead of him taking her husband. Apollo and the Moerae decided that Alcestis's husband Adumetus wouldn't have to die if someone was to take his place. Thanatos claimed to play fair when it came to taking his lives. Many of the Gods of the underworld, didn't like that he played

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