Cybersecurity: The Importance of Computer Security in Every Business

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Cybersecurity is the technology that protects computers and networks from unauthorized personnel. Ever since computers have expanded to homes and the workplace; the need for cyber security has grown exponentially. Millions of people around the world have access to the internet at a given time, and this allows for predators to attack, scam, hack, and intrude on personal and government information. Cybersecurity is designed to counteract these attempts to ultimately allow for safe networks and computers. Cybersecurity standards have recently been implemented to force organizations to maintain a safe environment and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. Cyberspace is the “universe” for computers, and depending on how secure one’s system is …show more content…
Cybersecurity is absolutely necessary to maintain a safe and covert way of operating the country.
Cybersecurity is operated by the government so only so much information is released to the public. How cybersecurity operates is almost self-explanatory, but exact details are not provided because they don’t want the average person having access to cybersecurity. There are actually specific classes and prerequisites you must pass before being trained to operate cybersecurity. In a way cybersecurity is just as if not more important than other government branches.
When it comes to legal issues cybersecurity is 100 percent legally operated and maintained because it is government processes. However cybersecurity is involved with many legal dilemmas. First of all cybersecurity was designed to protect our software and internet from intruders, so they often catch these intruders and have to find a way to find and incriminate them. Also cybersecurity deals with protection for the networks, so they are often passing bills for copyrights and proper licensing and such.
Cybersecurity has many benefits for civilians, the country as a whole, and even computers themselves. The computers can be operated more efficiently with confirmation of a safe work atmosphere. Cybersecurity has officials working at every and any hour of the day to provide the safest and least vulnerable systems. It benefits outweigh the cons if maintained properly. If cybersecurity were to fail and the systems

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