Contrasting the Cherokees and the Aztecs Essay

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The Cherokees and the Aztecs were very different people in many ways not only in location but also in ways of living.
The Cherokees were southwestern woodland farmers. The
Aztecs were also farmers in mesoamerica like the Mayans.
The Cherokee lived in a very different climate than the
Aztecs and because of the difference they had different crops and food.


The Cherokees made bows and arrows. They also made many different kinds of baskets and pottery. They made the bows and arrows for hunting and also to protect themselves. The baskets were to store food and to carry things in. The pottery was used to eat out of and they could also trade it to other tribes for food or maybe even horses.
The Aztecs did feather working and
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During the fall and winter months they traveled a lot so they gather food and hunt so they can take their food with them. During the spring and summer months they settled down and would farm, and they would also hunt the buffalo that would be grassing the fields so they would have food for the harsh winter months. Cherokees would farm most of their food except during the winter months. The Aztecs lived in
Mexico around what is now known as Mexico City. They lived in the Sierra Madre mountains.


Most of the clothes worn by the Cherokee were made out of buffalo or deer skin. They hunted the buffalo during the summer and would use the hide for blankets and clothes.
The deer hide was used to make their clothes, shoes, and many other things. The animals they killed would be completely used up, they used every part of the animal. The
Aztecs clothes were made out of animal skin also. Their clothes were not only to cover themselves but they were used as a way of showing a persons rank, so there were very strict laws on who could wear what.

Crops and Food

Cherokees were very good, farmers they could grow corn, potatoes, and many other tasty foods. The warriors of the tribe would be the ones that hunted and fished for food.
They would hunt deer, buffalo, and any other game animals. They did not only hunt for food but they also hunted to make shoes and clothes out of the animal hide.
The women and children gathered berries, fruits and any

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