Conflicts Between the Catholics and the Protestants During The Baroque Period

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The Baroque period began in the 17th century, right after the Reformation period. The definition for Baroque in Italian is another word for “barocco,” or an irregular shaped pearl, as jeweler would define it. There were many important artists throughout this period, but before the Baroque period began, it all started with Martin Luther and his movement. Conflicts between the Catholics and the Protestants began when Martin Luther attached the 95 Theses in 1517. He protested when the Catholic Church corrupted and so the Protestant Reformation was created. Although, the Catholic Church started with Baroque when it launched “its own internal reformation to both clean up corruption and clearly define its doctrines and theology” (McKay). The …show more content…
Matthew,” “Bacchus,” and many more, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio took art to another level. He was an extremely famous painter that almost everyone looked after; he worked on tenebrism, dramatic, and deep shadow painting. Right after his father and then mother passed away, Caravaggio began an apprenticeship with a Lombard painter, Simone Peterzano for four years (Caravaggio Foundation). He stayed in Milan for a couple of years and began to learn about painting, analyzing Titan’s, Zuccaro’s and Leonardo da Vinci’s work. Later on, he fled to Rome painting for Giuseppe Cesari and started “painting flowers and fruit in his factory-like workshop” (Caravaggio Foundation). Some of his paintings during his early start were “Boy with a Basket Fruit”, and “Young Sick Bacchus”, showing still life paintings. When Caravaggio moved to Rome, he brought with him the realism, dramatic and theatrical lighting that was the Italian Baroque art. Furthermore, in the 1590’s Caravaggio painted for Cardinal de Monte; with him, he not only painted still life, but also genre scenes with young men in the paintings (Stokstad & Cothren 723). One of the most famous and early paintings he worked on was “Bacchus” which was a painting of a boy holding a goblet while he is playing with his bow that holds his robe together. It has said that before the 1600’s Caravaggio painted works that were very polished, such as “Bacchus” who he painted with a tan

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