Essay on Components in Art Education

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Components in Art Education

Balanced programs for art education have been constantly changing and adapting over the years. One program that was developed back in the late 1960’s by Elliot Eisner incorporated three areas of art into the curriculum. These included art object, art criticism and the historical context of art. His program developed into a theoretical base for art curriculum in the elementary schools that is very similar to programs used today (Madeja 2001).

Today most art education programs are made up of four components. One of these components is art aesthetics. Aesthetics is the study of the nature of a piece of artwork. It analyzes the work by asking specific questions regarding the artist and the piece. The viewer
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This shows children the way art grew and changed since the beginning of time (Hurwitz 1991).

An obvious part of art instruction that is usually thought of when people think of art class is the area of Art Production. This is when children learn the skills and knowledge to produce their own artwork. They learn about the techniques, design, properties of color and shadow, etc. that allow them to produce their own works of art through creativity and imagination. Here is where they will have gained abilities in sophisticated art making skills (Hurwitz 1991).

National Standards of Fine Arts Education

Fine Arts have always been a part of the curriculum of elementary schools. There are national standards by which these curriculums were developed. These standards provide a basis by which to assess students’ achievements. They also show ways to correlate and integrate the arts into other disciplines. Also, these standards identify what the students should know and be able to accomplish within the arts (Kaiser 2002).

One of these national standards includes the ability to discuss the basics of each area in the fine arts. This means that students should be familiar with the fundamentals of each discipline. A second standard is for the student to have an expertise in one of the particular disciplines. For example, if they were doing further studies within the music discipline, they would excel in playing a specific instrument. Another standard calls for the

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