Comparing Christianity & Hinduism Essay

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Hinduism Worldview
The Question of Origin –
Hinduism considers no particular moment of origin. They believe everything as timeless and always existing. The oldest religious text of Hinduism are the Vedas (connote knowledge) containing hymns to various deities of the sun, moon, earth, sky, wind, and night. These deities did not create the world, although Brahman is considered to be the "all in one force" (Halverson). "Brahman is the womb of both the existent and the nonexistent" (Shattuck) and responsible for establishing the earth, sky and atmosphere the creator and the primary cause of reality in Hinduism.
The Question of Identity –
There is no sense of identity in Hinduism, because humanities identity is considered part of the
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There are many ways to achieve enlightenment in Hinduism, but one's behavior is critical to every path available. One's karma or correct behavior disturbs ultimately the effects of Samsara or the individuals’ cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is Hinduism believe that all things are sacred in the "natural world, social order and family life all having correlation to divine order" (Shattuck) and ultimately impact achieving Hinduism’s destiny of enlightenment.
The Question of Destiny -
The destiny of Hinduism is obtaining enlightenment, which is an undifferentiated oneness. Enlightenment "involves personal attainment of knowledge about the true nature of the self" (Shattuck). There are, however, many different paths in Hinduism to obtain enlightenment. The three paths are "karma marga (the way of action and ritual, jnana marga (the way of knowledge and meditation), and bhakti marga (the way of devotion)" (Halverson). As those in Hinduism end the cycle of life, death, and rebirth they achieve Moksha or liberated and achieve their destiny.

Hinduism and Christian Worldview

The Question of Origin –
The Hinduism worldview considers origin timeless and always existing, whereas the Christian worldview sees God as always existing. Hinduism has many gods with Brahman responsible for establishing the earth, sky, atmosphere and the primary cause of reality. In the Christian perspective of origin, God steps out of time

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