Essay on Communism and Pol Pot in Cambodia

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Pol Pot was a communist leader in Cambodia from 1975-1979, who brought great destruction and terror to his country and to his people. After Pol Pot gained political control he turned Cambodia into a communist nation. Pol Pot brought devastation to Cambodia through the use of a group named the Khmer Rouge which he used to take control and to install fear into the people of Cambodia. As the leader of Cambodia, Pol Pot destroyed all of Cambodia’s political, economical, and social aspects. Pol Pot’s goal of a classless society in Cambodia was achieved through the use of the Khmer Rouge to install distress of the people in Cambodia. Pol Pot’s Marxist ideals and is control of the Khmer Rouge resulted in a classless society and the lasting …show more content…
While studying Maoism and the failure of Mao Zedong’s reign, Pol Pot realized that communism would eventually lead to a classless society. Pol Pot was able to combine the lessons of Marxism and Mao Zedong’s reign to formulate his own ideology and strategy.
Pol Pot decided to return to Cambodia after finishing his studies in France, apply his communist ideals, and use to Khmer Rouge to eliminate anyone who tried to stop him. When Pol Pot returned to Cambodia, he found it in economic turmoil. Pol Pot took advantage of the deprived economy, and instituted the communism tactics he learned in France, such as the example found in Mao Zedong’s communist reign. Pol Pot realized that since the economy was in turmoil, it would be easy to gain power and control the people in Cambodia through the use of the Khmer Rouge. As the leader of the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot used it to bring great destruction and terror to Cambodia and to eliminate all possible threats to stop him. In France, “he joined the French Communist Party, a move that would prove to have a profound influence on the rest of his political life. Nearly all of his fellow Khmer Rouge leaders of the 1970s were educated in France and were members of the French Communist Party”(A Guide to the Political Left). By establishing friendly relationships with the people in the French Communist Party, Pol Pot was able to convince them to come to Cambodia and take control. Pol Pot knew that an army or revolutionary group was

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