Commentary on Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez Essay

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Immigration is a large aspect of American history. In the book Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez, we are able to see the struggles of one Hispanic boy immigrating to the United States from Mexico. Many of the people in the community that Francisco lived in didn’t really accept Hispanic people. It was really depressing that he would make friends, go over to their house and their parents wouldn’t let him come over again, simply because he was Hispanic. In Diversity Matters the text states, “Unique stresses created by the process of immigration to another country and discrimination faced in the new country can create psychological distress for many immigrants” (Spradlin 126). During this time in America, there was still a lot of …show more content…
A border patrol officer came to pick up Francisco and his older brother Roberto from school because the family was being forced to leave the country. After traveling on a bus for twenty hours the family arrived in Nogales, Arizona, and crossed over the border to Mexico. The family struggled when they arrived back in Mexico, with virtually nothing but themselves. Day after day, they waited for their green cards, and finally they were issued them after passing physical examinations. This whole process took the family about 3 weeks. After Francisco and Roberto were split up from their family and living back at Bonetti Ranch, they were working and going to school to try and support their family, who was living in Guadalajara. The family struggled to make ends meet, but hoped that one day soon they would all be reunited again. During this time, Francisco and Roberto were able to experience life like they had never been able to before. The boys would go to dances every weekend and Francisco began talking to a girl named Peggy. One day she had just completely stopped talking to Francisco and he didn’t know why. He later found out that her parents didn’t want her talking to him because he was Mexican. The family was finally reunited to live in Bonetti Ranch once again. Francisco and Roberto were joined by their two younger brothers in the field along with their father all summer long picking strawberries.

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