Essay on Colonization in the Congo

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It might be easy to talk about the postion in which a country stands in todays world, but to understand why they hold this position there are many variables that need to be taken into account. Congo is a country on the western coastline of the African continent. After being colonized by King Leopold II from Belgium, Congo lived under his ruling for centuries until it gained its independence in 1960. Because of the colonialization and decolonization process the Congo had to surpass many events and these events have an important role in present Congo. During the colonial era the African continent was treated like a cake and was split into the colonial powers. Pieces of Africa divided into different countries by artificial countries …show more content…
“On February 23d, 1885, in the Conference a manifestation in honor of Leopold II took place and he was congratulated upon the successful issue of his efforts.” (Starr P.388) Congo was under colonial power from 1885 until 1960 under the ruling of Leopold II, King of Belgium who considered this piece of land to be the field of operations for their success. He gained sovereignty of the Congo per request. “On August 1st the King sent out an announcement to the power that the International Association of the Congo had transferred all its rights and power to the Congo Free State, of which he was Sovereign-King.” (Starr p.389) During Leopold II ruling the Congo would obtain a place in the world like no other and its development would start to show. There was governmental organization, development of infrastructure, economical progress and a military system was adopted. As we know these are all key points for the success of a country and this new Congo was fruitful. Raw materials like ivory, rubber and copal became essential for the business industry in the Congo and these natural resources needed to be exploited to it maximum to meet the goals set by Leopold. As the introduction on ownership and tax payments developed, people would have to seek employment which in most cases would lead to the bad treatment, exploitation and abuse of many types. “In conducting the exploitation, concession companies were organized and, to save expense and for

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