Essay on Claude Debussy: A Musical Genius

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Claude Debussy is one of my favorite composers of all time. Claude Debussy’s music has had the ability to alter how I perceive music and, has made me gain a greater appreciation for all types of music. Growing up playing piano my entire life it was always hard for me as a child to follow all of the “rules” of what traditional classic music was interpreted as. Sheet music seemed so dull and boring to me, because I would be playing the piece but certain parts just did not sound appealing to my ear. My instructor always frowned upon me for this because it was different from what every other person was doing at the time. I recognized that Debussy’s style of music was also criticized much in the same way as mine was one day while I was …show more content…
Debussy’s contribution to music really played a factoring role in the ever changing music scene during the 1600 and late 1700’s. This was a time period we now call the Baroque Era. The Baroque Era was a great era for classical musicians like Debussy as they were finally being recognized in a positive light for doing things differently or strange. In the book Listen to This by Mark Evans states that the Baroque Era was a term used for artists who did not follow conventional ways and played odd or extravagant pieces of music that differed from the social norm. Baroque music could easily be distinguished by its basso continuo and frequent volume level changes which helped to express the composer’s emotions through music. Debussy is one of the most accomplished composers of this era along with Claudio Monteverdi. These two have left their mark in music and people to this day still seek out instructions from others who have worked with these composers or same style as they portrayed.
My personal favorite piece by Debussy is Clair De Lune. It is a beautiful melody that was a part of a four piece suite. Clair De Lune is arguably Debussy’s most recognized and most popular composition. Clair De Lune is a beautifully constructed piano piece consisting of lots of harmonic changes presented in such a non-traditional fashion. In this piece Debussy drifts away from traditional classical formatting and instead uses a strange amount of bars in

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