Classifying Drugs: Dependency Essay

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There are many types of drugs and they all have similar yet very different ways to harm you. They also fall into two types of dependency categories, psychological and physical. First there are the narcotic drugs. These relieve pain by depressing the central nervous system. The main source of these types of drugs is opium. The drug of choice in this category is heroin. Because heroin has a high solubility in water it causes the street preparation for intravenous administration to be simple yet instantaneous. It produces a high as well as drowsiness, a deep sense of wellbeing but only lasts 3 to 4 hours (Saferstein, 2011 p. 193). Because the effect of this drug last only so long, the user is constantly taking it to feel the high it causes. …show more content…
Marijuana can also cause an extreme hunger for food and sweets (Saferstein, 2011 p.197). Our next category of drug is the depressants. These slow down or depress the central nervous system. Alcohol is the most commonly used type of depressant drug, although if you ask most people they would say that alcohol is not a drug. Alcohol’s intoxication varies depending on certain factors such as, social settings, amount consumed, and an individual’s personal expectations of alcohol. It will travel quickly to your brain and will impair your though process and muscle coordination. It will also slow your reaction time, impair your speech patterns, as well as inhibit your ability to walk and drive. “Extremely high doses may cause an individual to lapse into unconsciousness or comatose states that may precede fatal depression of the circulatory and respiratory functions (Saferstein, 2011 p. 198). Alcohol can have both physical and psychological dependencies. Depending on how much, how often and why you drink. If you are using it to forget something that happened and you drink all day every day you are going to become dependent on that drink to get you through the next hour, day, month or even year. Just like the first three drug categories our next category will do the opposite and stimulate or speed up your central nervous system. They are called Stimulants. A major drug of choice in this category is cocaine, specifically crack. It is a mix of regular cocaine with baking

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