Chuck Hull: Inventor of the 3d Printer Essay examples

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Chuck Hull and The 3d printer

Early life and stereolithography: Chuck Hull Was born on May 12 1939. In 1983 Chuck invented stereolithography and subsequently And in 1989 founded 3D systems. Stereolithography was developed when there was no such thing as rapid prototyping/creating a concept model If you were lucky you could make a working prototype even though It took months and thousands of dollars. And while engineers were Using A computer to help them design and manufacture prototypes. There was no method for that software to communicate. SLA 1 is what became the very first Rapid Prototyping System, . So Chuck and 3D Systems also created the .stl (Stereolithography) file format. Still in use today to complete the electronic
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Printers that you can buy: 3D printers have been wildly avoidable to large companies. But just recently to random people like me and you. There price range is about 635-100 USD. They are not to larg and not to small the dimensions of a Wildly known 3d printer are 13 x 19.5 x 14.5 inches ; 37.4 pounds So not too big and not too small.

What is coming next: In the 3D printer world. There are many thing to come the next Such as a 3D pen with is a pen that acts just like a 3D printer but it is like a pin and you draw on anything and make it come alive (alive such as truing your drawing in to 3D from 2D) It has the same concept as a 3D printer. Other future Items for 3D printing include creating open source scientific equipment. And Recreations of old fossils and such for education purposes.

Problems: 3D printing has caused many problems with crime one of them is the 3d printing of weapons anyone with a 3D printer can just find a file of a weapon and print it put it together and go out and shoot someone or something. Legal status in the United States, it is legal for citizen to create their own firearms for personal use WITH OUT A LICENSE. Anyway this does not pass the in jurisdictions that still ban them.
Other things:
Clothing 3D printing has Moved into the world of clothing experimenting with 3D printed shoes, Shoes, and dresses
3D printing services: Some companies offer 3D

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