Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is unified by various themes throughout the work. The plot is driven by two major themes in particular: honor and ritual. Honor is the motivation for several of the characters to behave in certain manners, as honor plays a key role in Colombian culture. There were repercussions for dishonorable acts and similarly, there were rewards for honorable ones. Also, ritual is a vital element within the work that surrounds the story line’s central crime: Santiago Nasar’s death. In the course of Garcia Marquez’s work, the importance of respect was revealed to be taken almost sacredly in the characters’ Columbian culture. Honor was viewed as a crucial piece of one’s morality. Without …show more content…
In fact, "The lawyer stood by the thesis of homicide in legitimate defense of honor, which was upheld by the court in good faith (pg. 48)." Because of this, many of the townspeople avoided interference with the Pablo and Pedro Vicario, thus ensuring Santiago’s death, the central action of the work. Because of the importance of honor in the work’s community, the murderers were sentenced a significantly small number of three years in prison. In today’s society, the punishment for homicide is often the death penalty or life imprisonment. Pablo and Pedro avoided such extremes due the communal belief that dishonor reaped such dramatic repercussions as bloodshed. Angela’s uncleanness triggered another series of events involving Bayardo San Roman. San Roman was so overcome with grief at uncovering Angela’s secret that he locked himself up in the house he bought to start their lives together. He was discovered a few days later, unconscious due to severe alcohol poisoning. Sent on a boat back to his home, San Roman was never seen by the townspeople again. The disgrace Angela stained him with drove him to drown himself in alcohol and eventually leave the town permanently. Angela also invoked upon herself a life outside of town, working as a seamstress, when she chose to sleep with Santiago. Human beings tend to develop regular routines and systems for a harmonious, balanced life. In the work, Garcia

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