Woman Hollering Creek Analysis

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Oppression is by definition maltreatment, and in “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Woman Hollering Creek” it is a very prominent subject. The authors’ emphasize on the unjustness the women endure by their husbands, although in quite inverse ways. In Woman Hollering Creek, Cleófilas is neglected and mistreated by her new husband Juan. He severely physically abuses her, however she wants to maintain her lifestyle for the sake of their child and because of the fear. “When the moment came, and he slapped her once, and then again, and again, until the lip split and bled an orchid of blood, she didn’t fight back” (Cisneros 460). He degrades her by treating her with no respect, and asserts his power over her because she is seen as a weak woman. “He had thrown a book. Hers. …show more content…
The repression the woman faces in “The Wallpaper” is in a more indirect approach. She is not subjected to physical violence, however, one can classify it as mental suppression. He surpasses her own judgments about her condition and worsening condition, believing that she does not know the best course of treatment. When she shares her opinions on the matter of her condition from a personal view he denounces her thoughts and replies: “Can you trust me as a physician when I tell you so” (Gilman 93). John views his wife as an inferior being, too simple minded to know what is best for her. When she shares He speaks to her in demeaning tones calling her degrading things such as “blessed little goose” and “bless her little heart” (Gilman 88-93). The condescending words he uses to address her emphasizes that he believes her to be subordinate, ultimately condemning her to inequality. The similarity of gender inequality in both stories is predominantly expressed by the women’s husbands’ actions towards them. Although different extremities the author’s accentuate the oppression of women under the authority of male

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