Chemically Assisted Interrogations and Reid Interrogation Essay

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The Reid Technique is not the only interrogation technique that has been utilized when attempting to retrieve the truth from an uncooperative and/or unwilling suspect. Among the many other options that have been utilized are: polygraph, hypnosis, voice/physical/mental stress, torture and chemicals. In particular let’s focus on the use of “Chemicals” in the assistance of obtaining a confession about a crime in comparison to the use of the Reid Technique. First, let’s examine the background for the use of chemicals. Because of its use for obtaining confessions from suspects and the general idea that suspects (or anyone else) are not capable of lying while under its’ influence it has been referred to as “truth serum.” Over time the …show more content…
(REFERENCE) Thus began the age of truth serum for investigations as well as, the term narcoanalysis was born. After House’s death in 1929, the use of scopolamine and later truth serums — sodium amytal and sodium pentothal — changed course, truth serums began to be used for interrogation purposes on suspects who were being treated as though they were guilty, versus being used on those who were thought to have possibly been falsely accused and wrongfully convicted. In 1942, there were scientists working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the CIA’s wartime predecessor, who were asked to develop a chemical substance that could break down the psychological defenses. After testing several compounds, the OSS scientists selected a potent extract of marijuana as the best available "truth serum." The cannabis concoction was given the code name TD, meaning Truth Drug (REFERENCE LEE truth serums). The search for a true “truth serum” was still in hot pursuit. In 1947 the U.S. Navy launched Project Chatter which utilized a hallucinogenic drug derived from the peyote cactus, which is similar in effects to LSD. (REFERENCE)The next method utilized was one that included narco-hypnosis with the assistance of a psychologist. In the late 1940’s a method of injecting first a heavy dose of barbiturates and then immediately after a strong stimulant. Later on during the 1950’s the CIA launched Operation Artichoke which utilized the drug LSD during

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