Essay on Chef Geoffrey Zakarian at Pebble Beach Food and Wine

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We all look up to someone. Some people look up to famous people, politicians, and people close to the heart. But, a person can’t just wake up one morning feeling inspired. To be inspired by someone he or she must grab our attention and have valuable qualities. Geoffrey Zakarian is the person I wish to emulate. [Zakarian] can please people with simple tastes; [and] he is at his best when the cooking becomes more complicated (Reichl). Geoffrey Zakarian is successful because he is well-educated and passionate which is what makes him one of the best chefs in New York City. Geoffrey Zakarian success was not something that was created over night it was something he learned from the best. Zakarian was trained traditionally under some of the …show more content…
Zakarian once said “Restaurants in hotels are like shelters…people were coming up from downtown even though there were no Broadway shows for the past few days.” (Fabricant, Florence 2013b). Zakarian figured having a hotel restaurant gives owner’s a guarantee clientele.
Everyone knows that it is hard owning a restaurant and the students of Johnson and Wales University know 80% of people who try to open an establishment fail. Geoffrey Zakarian is one out of the 20% that has not failed and the fact that he owns more than one restaurant is another reason I wish to emulate him. From 2009-2011 Zakarian opened up three restaurants (Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian). In 2011 he was praised by Michael Symon as “A chef currently at the absolute top of his game” (Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian).
Zakarian crept up the culinary ladder quietly showing people his talent through the restaurant ‘44’ located at the Royalton Hotel. Zakarian even took one of the toughest Reluctant Gourmet hearts. A Reluctant Gourmet is a stay at home dad who enjoys cooking and learning about the culinary world (Cooking Terms). In 1998 Rachael took the Reluctant Gourmet to the Patroon (Reichl). The Reluctant Gourmet was unsatisfied when he first entered the restaurant “I even hate the name of the place…” he said (Reichl). The décor didn’t satisfy him either “All these neutral colors and soft textures… so tasteful, so boring…” Rachael told him a new chef had taken over, Chef

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