Roman Empire Culture Analysis

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the Roman Empire. This assimilation is evident in today’s society with dishes that are a combination of diverse cultures that come together to provide a unique taste.
The recipe for Fried Veal Escalope with Raisins is an example of cultures coming together to bring a unique taste to a person’s taste buds. The Romans loved their food, which became more luxurious and elaborate as their empire increased. The food of the earliest Romans was of the simplest kind (“Roman Empire & Colosseum”, 2015). They were opposed to luxury until riches were introduced by the extension of their conquest. The customs particularly affected by the influence of Greek culture however also brought many new culinary habits and cooking techniques from the provinces surrounding the empire. The manners were therefore changed, and the pleasures of the table and the importance of meals, became the primary object of attention (“Roman Empire & Colosseum”, 2015). The ancient Mediterranean diet
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The recipe counts with an explosion of various spices, herbs and sauces on a escalope meat, which portrays the idea of art and high-class society. The mixture of these shows the artistic side of food that portrays the clash of cultures the empire had. Today’s world shows the same cultural clash and society assimilation. Food is seen as an art, with many new creations of food. The United States today can be compared to the Roman Empire. As the territory grew, the United States became influenced by cultures south of the border. Its food shows the influence of the culture that once inhabited the land. Very prominent in the Texas and New Mexico region, the food has an exchange of culture that developed through the people that now inhabit the area. Through the years, the United States has been as a Melting Pot; various cultures come and cultivate the country and influence day-to-day routines, including

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