Character Analysis from What's Eating Gilbert Grape Essay

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The character I chose to analyze is Bonnie Grape from What's Eating Gilbert Grape, an American drama film directed by Lasse Hallström. Bonnie Grape is a Caucasian woman who is, approximately, in her mid 50’s and lives in a small town of Endora, Iowa with her four children, and has lost her husband seven years ago. Bonnie who is suppose to be the immediate care taker of all of her kids is shown to have abandoned all of her parental duties after her husbands passing and she hasn’t left the house for seven years. She has become completely housebound she sleeps, eats, and stays on the couch all day. Her day starts out with eating breakfast with the family, and then she watches TV all day. Even though she loves her children a lot, but she does …show more content…
The assessment technique that I would is a case-history interview, which is an interview that is conducted for the purpose of gaining a detailed understanding of the patient’s background and developmental context in which a problem emerged (Trull, 2013). By conducting a case history interview, I can gain an insight on the relationship that existed between Bonnie and her husband, and the causes that led Bonnie to fall into depression. Another assessment that I would conduct on Bonnie is a structured interview, which is a diagnostic interview that consists of standard set of questions, which would be in a specified sequence. By conducting this type of an assessment I can have a clear understanding without any ambiguity and the questions that I can ask would be about how Bonnie feels about her current situation, changes that she wants in her current lifestyle, and what type of duties does she feel that she has toward her children. Conducting a structured interview is valid assessment; because it has a great reliability due to that it reduces “both information variance and criterion variance” (Trull, p.185, 2013). The last assessment I would use is a diagnostic interview that would be conducted in order to arrive at a DSM-IV diagnostic.
3. Diagnosis The primary diagnosis that I can provide from the information that I have obtained is that Bonnie is suffering from a major depressive disorder. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) according to the DSM-5 “ is a

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