Theme Of Responsibility In What's Eating Loilbert Grape

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How much does responsibility mean to you when you hear it? Having responsibility can both mean and be very powerful. Having responsibility is what makes an individual grow up and be mature. Being responsible can refer to having the ability to make certain decisions on our own or the interest of others. In What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, it a powerful and meaningful story about a big family in a small town called Endora in Iowa. Throughout the story the family faces a lot of problems having A sibling with a disability and having to take care of them there whole life without any help of the parents after the father had passed away and a mother who suffered depression after the father passed away causing the mother to stay inside for 7 years and …show more content…
She is very lazy and doesn 't want to do anything besides to eat and sit around causing her children to care for each other. She has 5 kids who she needs to take care of and she doesn 't. Making others have to take care of each other without the help of the mother and father since he passed away. With the Father passing way the mother should then take everyone in Accountable and take all the responsibilities since her husband had passed away as a role of mother and she doesn 't. Bonnie Grape does not cook having her two daughters have to help out for dinner because she doesn’t do so. She doesn’t clean around the house because she can’t get up off the couch because she is over weigh. She also doesn’t work making it harder for everyone to support money for others around the house .In a family everyone no matter what should have their own actions of responsibility even if it 's a little bit of responsibility to take. Since she has no responsibility it makes it harder for other people in the family causing them to face challenges throughout the story making life harder for her children.
Next, In What’ Eating Gilbert Grape they focus mostly on the character Gilbert Grape. Gilbert Grape is one of the children and son of Bonnie Grape. Gilbert Grape in the early 20’s works as a store clerk at a small grocery store in town called Lamson’s Grocery which is becoming old because of the new stores like Foodland
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Amy Grape is the mother figure of the house taking over for the role of the mother since Bonnie Grape can 't do much around the household because of her weight. Amy shows kindness to her mother by always taking care of her when she needs care, for an example by placing a blanket over her, making her bed, placing the table into the living room and etc. Amy does a lot of stuff around the house and always makes sure everything is under control also having her role of the house. Amy Grape is more of the relaxed child and doesn 't get too stressed out about

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