Changing Roles of Human Resource Management Essay

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Human Resource profession has faced numerous challenges in the past, which has forced HR managers to try and implement various strategies in the work environment all in the aim of survival and prosperity of the business. The National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) in India recently organized the 37th annual conference of HRs to discuss the various challenges in the work place and ways of mitigating them. It was unanimously concluded that HR managers needed to revise its roles and create new roles for organizations. The new roles would help in repairing the structural foundation of a company by being proactive and innovative instead of following monotonous routine schedules.
Despite the challenges and solutions to the problems
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Recent trends in diversity in the work place have resulted in the changing role of HR management. The work force is divided into four categories, that is, the silent traditionist (68+ years), Boomers (40-60 years), Generation X (28-40 years), and Generation Y (27- years) (Holbeche, 2009, pp. 168). Having the diverse groups in an organization is a business strategy because a broad variety of people with different ways of thinking are well adapted to do business with an array of people, solve multiple problems and make diverse decisions. Furthermore, diversity in the work place does not only mean race, colour or creed, but also managing demographic and psychographic characteristics of an evolving workforce.
A test for managers and HR is to create an atmosphere where a diverse workforce can continue to be fully engaged in the workforce. This is however achieved through: continued giving of workers challenging work; continued offering of learning opportunities; giving workers a chance to build a legacy—developing others, mentoring, knowledge transfer and many more; and providing more flexible work environments.
Another trend changing the role of HR

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