Changes in Tone Throughout the Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

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Throughout the Glass Castle there is a constant shift in Jeanettes tone through her use of diction. Her memoir is centered around her memories with her family, but mainly her father Rex Walls. Although it is obvious through the eyes of the reader that Rex is an unfit parent and takes no responsibility for his children, in her childhood years Jeanette continually portrays Rex as an intelligent and loving father, describing her younger memories with admiration in her tone. The capitalization of “Dad” reflects Jeannette’s overall admiration for her father and his exemplary valor. “Dad always fought harder, flew faster, and gambled smarter than everyone else in his stories”(Walls 24). Jeanette also uses simple diction to describe her father, …show more content…
In the beginning of her memoir, Wall’s writes about her lifestyle in positive light, using words such as “adventure.” and “love.” On page 18 she writes, “We could live like this forever”(18), to describe her excitement towards sleeping under stars without any pillows. Another quote describe her bright outlook on living in the dessert is, “I loved the desert, too. When the sun was in the sky, the sand would be so hot that it would burn your feet if you were the kind of kid who wore shoes, but since we always went barefoot, our soles were as tough and thick as cowhide”(21).
When Jeanette and her siblings are forced to mature, as they are awakened to the harsh reality of poverty and hunger Walls voice begins to lose its enthusiasm and hope in her family “adventurous” lifestyle. She begins to describe her emotions and experiences using words of negativity. “We fought a lot in Welch… maybe it was because life there was hard and it made people hard…maybe it was because mining was dangerous and cramped and dirty work and it put all the miners in bad moods. “(164). This gloomy description of Welch, helps the reader understand adversity that engulfed the town and how this affected Jeanette and her attitude towards it. As the

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