Change the World Essay

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Today I sat down to write a new short story for The Rooster. At first I was thinking I was going to write something about a carrot that talks and a pirate but that just seemed quite lame. So having no ideas I got up and walked around my apartment and noticed a stack of letters sitting on some piece of random furniture. So I decided to take a look at the adult life which I have been ignoring. lo and behold a letter from the good ol’ US government, concerning my student loan, and as I looked this over I realized I have an interest rate of somewhere between 5% and 6% on my loan for school. This got me to thinking. The majority of students can not outright pay for school so what is the option we are left with? Loans. Now this particular loan …show more content…
All off a sudden I realized something about this whole loan shenanigans. Rhe US sold my loan so that a private company could make money off of me. I wonder why my loan is not just above inflation. I wonder who is getting wealthy off of my desire to better myself.
What does all this matter though? Many times throughout the day some sort of realization is occurred. This realization may be that there is bird poop on your windshield or something on a more serious note like realizing you forgot to feed your fish for a couple of days. Either way throughout the day we as people often have thoughts, some we choose to act upon and others we choose to ignore. We often choose to act upon the easy ones, clearly I am just going to wipe away the bird poop, easily done and quickly forgotten.
But how do we handle the hard decisions? How do we decide what action to take when it is a much more serious matter? This is the dilemma that arose for my self today as I considered student loans. What is the easy answer? What could I even do about this? I could think about it say that sucks and move on. Though if I were to just forget about the thought and hope someone else does something, that is just a waste.
Often in our lives we see things or think about dilemmas that we face ourselves or face as a society. But what does just thinking about it matter if there is no action. What then is the difference between thinking

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